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Changing Your Personality
A look at why changing one's personality is unrealistic.
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Published on Nov 13, 2012 in Religion and Theology (Christianity) , Psychology (Theory)

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This paper explores arguments about why it is difficult to change one's personality, particularly because it is something that takes time to form. First, the paper defines personality, quoting various researchers. Then, it discusses how personalities form, starting in infancy when interaction with others begins. Next, the paper addresses how outside influences impact personality, but there is hard evidence that genetics and family relations impact personality, even more deeply than other influences. Finally, the paper examines how abnormal personality traits develop. The paper concludes with a discussion about personality change from a Christian perspective.


Definition of Personality
How a Personality Develops
Abnormal Personality Traits
The Argument against Change
The Argument for Change

From the Paper:

'First, it is necessary to define personality. Two authors call it, "the dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine his characteristic behavior and thought" (Heatherton & Weinberger, 1994, p. 23). Human personalities develop from the day we are born, and it entails certain characteristics and behaviors, from a sense of humor to political views and behaviors like nail biting. Combine these factors and they become a person's personality, including their outlook on themselves and life, and how they view others. Because there are so many variables, no two personalities are exactly the same, and that is another thing that makes humans so unique. The authors continue, "Skills, habits, beliefs, attitudes, interests, and personal projects are all characteristic adaptations; we would also include here social roles and relationships, which are interpersonal adaptations. All these are concrete realizations of basic tendencies" (Heatherton & Weinberger, 1994, p. 24). Many different things can help make up our personality, from things we learn during our lives, to our religious beliefs and our family. Since we cannot change many of these things, such as our family or what we have learned, it makes it very difficult to change our personalities."

Sample of Sources Used:

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