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Changes in Criminal Law
An overview of how society pressure can affect the legal system.
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Published on May 23, 2013 in Law (Criminal) , Sociology (General)

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This paper explains how changes in social policy over the years has influenced changes in criminal law and how transforming certain behaviors into crimes deals with behavior that is determined as socially unacceptable. The paper also provides some historical information and examples of instances in which criminalization is used to affect social policy.

From the Paper:

''Typically there is little overlap between a society's social policy and its criminal justice system but, depending on the viewpoints of the society, there may be concerns that become subject to the process of criminalization. Criminalization, the process of transforming certain behaviors into crimes, is used as a method of addressing a society's ills. This process is perfected through legislative enactment and is intended to address behavior that has been determined to be socially unacceptable.
''In America social policy was largely ignored by the government until the Great Depression in the 1930's. The prevailing attitude was that Americans were an independent breed that preferred the government leave them to their own devices. This all changed, however, as the Great Depression took over society. A wave of legislation was enacted that provided social services for America society. A subsequent wave was added by the Johnson administration during the 1960's.
''Social policies and the programs that support them are generally utilized most heavily by the most marginalized members of society. Although many programs, such as social security, healthcare, and educational assistance, are used by all members of American society most of the remaining programs, including welfare, unemployment insurance, and criminal justice impact the poorest Americans most heavily.''

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