Cardiac Health of Men and Women Term Paper by scribbler

Cardiac Health of Men and Women
A review of the cardiovascular problems facing men and women.
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The paper discusses cardiovascular diseases and cardiac health in general and explains the symptoms and risk factors of heart disease for both genders. The paper points out the similarities and differences in the cardiac health of men and women and identifies their respective signs of heart attack. The paper also addresses the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and notes the role of diet, regular exercise and smoking and alcohol consumption.

Cardiac Health of Women
Cardiac Health of Men
Similarities and Differences in Cardiac Health of Men and Women
Similar Signs of Heart Attack in Both Men and Women
Different Signs of Heart Attack in Both Men and Women
Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases

From the Paper:

"Cardiovascular disease is defined as the severe situation that affects blood circulation and the heart of both men and women. These cardiovascular problems include the various kinds of illnesses like heart attack, stroke, heart failure, coronary artery disease and high blood pressure. Cardiovascular problems in both men and women are usually as a result of several effects that affects a person's cardiovascular system. In some cases, these problems usually build up and progress gradually over a person's lifetime without symptoms. To identify and diagnose heart diseases, doctors have always used a similar approach in both men and women.
"Smoking is widely considered as the major habit that increases the risk of experiencing cardiovascular diseases particularly coronary heart disease. Actually, according to research, one in every five smokers dies because of the experiencing of cardiovascular diseases. The habit of smoking basically results in instant and enduring growth in blood pressure and heart rate that leads to heart attacks. The risk of coronary heart diseases starts to reduce several months after stopping smoking and reaches a similar level of people who have never smoked within a period of approximately five years."

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