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Canadian Immigration Policy
An analysis of the changes to the Canadian immigration policy since World War II and specifically during the 1960s.
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This paper looks at the evolution of the Canadian immigration policy since the Second World War. Specifically, it discusses the dramatic shift which took place in the 1960s as Canada began to move away from its old preferential immigration policy under the Pearson government. Further, the paper analyzes how political, economic and demographic factors created a remarkable amount of momentum for policies which opened the doors (and kept them open) for non-European arrivals from the latter 1960s onward.

From the Paper:

"Lastly, Canada has moved substantially towards an immigration policy that permits family reunification for all immigrants - especially global south immigrants - with very few restrictions. In light of the fact that so many of today's immigrants are non-European (and, as noted previously, this has been the case since at least the middle-1970s), the end result is that this bit of Canadian policy-making has bolstered the already-high numbers of non-European groups within Canada. In the end, it would seem evident that successive Canadian governments - whether Conservative or Liberal - have embraced multicultural immigration because the swiftly-changing demographics of the land (and a new political landscape) leaves them no choice but to indulge non-Caucasian and non-European citizens."

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