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California During World War II
An analysis of how the Japanese were treated and how California prospered during World War II.
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Published on Feb 08, 2008 in History (U.S. World Wars)

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This paper discusses how California was affected by World War II. It discusses the concentration camps that were set up for the Japanese living in America and how their businesses were taken from them. It describes the fear of the Japanese that was felt by the American public. The paper also looks at how the production of war products increased and how the production of different industries prospered in California.

Table of Contents:
Fear and the American People during World War II
Removal of Japanese to Concentration Camps
Businesses during World War II Prospered

From the Paper:

"Before discussing why the American people wanted the Japanese removed from California, it is important to grasp the fear they had during this time. "Fear gripped the country and a wave of hysterical antipathy against the Japanese engulfed the Pacific Coast" (Weber). Not only did California and people on the West Coast develop hatred toward the Japanese after the bombing on Pearl Harbor, but people throughout the country were afraid the Japanese might be spies or they might turn against them. John Rankin, a Mississippi Congressman, stated, "I'm for catching every Japanese in America, Alaska and Hawaii now and putting them in concentration camps and shipping them back to Asia as soon as possible ... This is a race war, as far as the Pacific side of the conflict is concerned" (Weber). Quite clearly, they wanted the Japanese removed from their homes and put into concentration camps even if they were American citizens."

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