Burial Rituals of Ancient Egyptians Term Paper by Master Researcher

Burial Rituals of Ancient Egyptians
A review of the burial rituals of ancient Egyptians.
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This paper presents an overview on the burial rituals and rituals of the ancient Egyptians. The paper explores the Mummy processes and reveals that the Egyptians preserved their bodies in mummified form because they believed they would need their bodies in the afterlife and did not want them to rot away. The paper also discusses how Egyptians invented many creative ways to hide their bodies in the hopes that grave robbers would not find them and their wealth hidden with them.

From the Paper:

"The pyramids of Egypt are one of the great mysteries of the world. We have yet to figure out how they were constructed and who came up with their design but the one thing we do know is that one of their purposes was for the use of a burial site for the wealthy when they died.
(Grimal, 1997)
"The field of Egyptology is still relatively young. It began approximately 150 years ago but because its late start it has been able to enjoy all of the latest tools and refineries that allowed it to progress at a faster rate than some of the older sciences did.
"One of the most interesting things about the Ancient Egyptians were their burial rituals and beliefs. There have been many scary movies made about the mummies of Ancient Egypt but the actual processing of mummies was not for the purpose of fear at all but rather for the purpose of eternal life and never ending happiness. The Egyptians have been debated as the first "great" civilization on earth and as the burial rituals will show they indeed had some extremely interesting ideas and attitudes (Grimal, 1997)."

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