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Bullying and Juvenile Delinquency
A look at the effects of bullying on juvenile delinquency.
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Published on May 01, 2013 in Education (Social Issues) , Child, Youth Issues (General)

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This paper discusses the impact of bullying on the development of delinquency in children and identifies the physical, verbal, psychological and sexual forms of bullying that can occur in homes, neighborhoods, schools and playgrounds. The paper addresses the effects of bullying that include an increase in the rate of juvenile delinquency, the escalation of violence, the development of other forms of antisocial behaviors and the increase in children's aggression. The paper concludes that bullying is not only a form of violence but it is also a form of aggression that has significant effects on juvenile delinquency.

Bullying and Juvenile Delinquency
Forms of Bullying
Effects of Bullying on Juvenile Delinquency

From the Paper:

"As a form of violence, bullying is largely considered as a concept with three forms which are physical, verbal and psychological forms. While physical bullying includes practices such as beating, punching, biting, poking, pushing, kicking and spiting among others, the verbal form of bullying includes actions like name calling, malicious teasing, threats and gossip among others. However, the psychological or emotional form of bullying includes acts such as blackmailing, intimidation, extortion, isolation, spreading rumors, humiliation and rejection among others.
"Recently, another form of bullying has been identified which is sexual bullying that includes practices like sexual harassment, exhibitionism, assault, sexual propositioning and voyeurism. However, the three forms of bullying are usually for the purpose of causing either physical harm or psychological distress on the victims. Additionally, these forms of bullying are used to create an environment of discomfort and fear on the victims in their respective communities (White & Loeber, 2008). This form of violence usually has several negative effects on both the victim and their environment.
"In case where bullying occurs in a school environment, the form of violence has a negative effect on the social environment of the school while creating a frightening atmosphere among students. While bullying also lessens the academic performance of students, children who bully others are more vulnerable to be involved in other negative behaviors (Perkins & Berrena, 2002)."

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