Buddhism and Abortion Term Paper by Nicky

A look at the position of Catholicism, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism on abortion.
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Published on Dec 28, 2011 in Religion and Theology (Buddhism) , Hot Topics (Abortion)

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The paper first looks at abortion in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church and explains that it is considered nothing short of premeditated murder, even when the life of the mother is in danger. The paper then looks at how Islam and the Jewish faith will only permit an abortion to be done if there is a direct threat to the life of the mother by carrying the fetus. The paper examines the Buddhist viewpoint regarding abortion, and explains why it is not surprising that most practicing Buddhists are morally and ethically against this highly-controversial medical procedure. The paper points out, however, that this is one area where the concepts of common sense and rationalism occur in Buddhist thought, for unlike Catholics and most Muslims and Jews, abortion is a very private affair, something which should only be discussed between a mother and her own personal God.

From the Paper:

"According to the beliefs and tenets of the Roman Catholic faith, based in the Vatican in
Rome and headed by Pope Benedict XVI, the issue of abortion is not open to any type of discussion related to morality and ethics, due to the Catholic view that abortion under any circumstances is a mortal sin. In the Catholic church's "consistent life ethic," one area of concern is the fifth commandment which states that a human being "shall not kill another person." The core point here is that "no one can claim the right to end a life because God alone is the Lord of life from the beginning to the end of time" (Swatos, 1998, 145). Of course, this ethos does not include killing when necessary in self-defense or in the defense of another, such as in war or in protecting one's family from intruders.
"Therefore, abortion in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church is nothing short of premeditated murder, even when the life of the mother is in jeopardy or the fetus is somehow physically deformed. Ironically, the Catholic Church also teaches that the use of artificial birth control is sinful and that "any method of contraception that interferes with this end is against the laws of God" (Swatos, 1998, 146) and the Church. In addition, the Catholic faith teaches that a fetus has a soul and is a human being from the moment of conception. Therefore, abortion is murder and must not be done under any circumstances."

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