Blowing the Whistle: How the Free Press Was Won Term Paper by Incubus101

Blowing the Whistle: How the Free Press Was Won
Examines why whistle blowers are important in upholding a free press and what measures are in place to protect them.
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This paper discusses the importance of whistle blowing in journalism as a pillar to the free press and a democratic society. The author provides several examples of individuals who were all a significant force for change in the evolution of whistle blowing. The paper concludes that whistleblowers will always remain a necessary force in the press because as long as there is corporate competition or politicians with agendas, whistleblowers will be required in their capacity as watchdogs of democracy and ethics.

From the Paper:

"What followed was an explosion in the media. Just a few months after Darby handed over the photos, the television programme 60 Minutes II broke the story. The New Yorker picked up the story and detailed Darby's involvement. Then, while eating lunch in the mess hall one day, a group of soldiers witnessed Donald Rumsfeld on television addressing Abu Ghraib. Rumsfeld paid tribute to Darby and commended him for his action.
"The secret was out now and word spread fast around unit of Darby's so-called betrayal. The reaction was so threatening to Darby that he was sent home early and told that he would probably never be able to return home. The experience terrified Darby. He was forced to move to a secure military base and was ostracized by members of the
community, some of them his own familyv. Like so many cases of whistle blowing, the costs ended up being high for Darby."

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