Bipolar Disorder Comorbidities Term Paper by cardamine

Bipolar Disorder Comorbidities
An analysis of bipolar disorder and its comorbidities and the bipolar spectrum.
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Published on Jun 03, 2007 in Psychology (Disorders) , Psychology (Theory)

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This paper describes bipolar disorder and its comorbidities. It also describes the emerging bipolar spectrum, which is a new way of looking at bipolar disorders. The paper also describes borderline personality disorder (BPD) and describes the arguments for and against its inclusion within the bipolar spectrum. It particularly describes the similarities between BPD and bipolar disorders.

Table of Contents:
Axis I Comorbidity
Axis II Comorbidity
Bipolar Spectrum and Temperament
Do Some Diagnoses Deserve a Bipolar Subgroup?

From the Paper:

"The understanding of bipolar disorders is in a state of flux. Traditionally, the disorder was defined as a period of severe manic and depressive episodes with periodic switches between these two poles and was referred to as manic- depression, and now bipolar disorder I. In the 1980's, it was recognized that there were clinical manifestations resembling manic-depression, however, the extremes in mania were not as severe (hypomania). This was termed bipolar II disorder. In situations where an individual experiences 2 or more years of the hypomanic symptoms with subthreshold periods of depressive symptoms a diagnosis of cyclothymic disorder is made. These diagnoses are included in the DSM-IV."

Sample of Sources Used:

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