Biological Agencies: Federal, State and Local Term Paper by edjata

Biological Agencies: Federal, State and Local
Looks at the issue of biological terrorism in the United States and the agencies responsible for protection.
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This paper first relates that, although the first bio-terrorism attack in the USA was gastroenteritis from salmonella that happened in 1984 by the Rajneeshee cult, history indicates that the use of germs and diseases as weapons occurred as early as the mid-1300s when the Tartars exploited the Plague. Next, the author extensively describes the work of the federal agency, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is responsible for health-related issues including a vital role in the changing environment of bio-terrorism. The paper also reviews the bio-terrorism responsibilities of a state agency, the California highway patrol, and of a local agency, New York State police office of counter terrorism.

Table of Contents:
History of Bio-terrorism
Federal Agency
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
History of Bio-terrorism at CDC
CDC's Bio-defense
Incident Preparation Structure
A State Law Enforcement Agency
California Highway Patrol
A Local Law Enforcement Agency
New York State Police Office of Counter Terrorism

From the Paper:

"The facility that should be the most secure in the United States underwent a reality check by Randall Larsen a retired Air Force colonel. He entered the Eisenhower Executive Office Building of the White House and entered a meeting with high level Bush national security administration members and other staff including, than, Vice President Cheney, with a tube of weaponized powder of Bacillus globigii, which is genetically identical to anthrax and a respirator mask. This was just after the September 11th attacks when security measures were at their highest level. Yet, he was able to smuggle in a biological agent and mask with minimal effort on his part. Times have changed because no longer is it necessary to have a million dollar laboratory in order to make a biological weapon. Today's technology and point of access, such as a graduate school lab, is highly advanced so much so that an unsophisticated technician has the ability to develop such weapons. It is fortunate that there have been so few attacks considering the difficulties in protecting and detecting against biological agents, especially, when it is so much more accessible to terrorist groups. "Dark Winter" was another test simulation conducted to determine the United States readiness for a biological attack."

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