Biography of Ayn Rand Term Paper by Nicky

Biography of Ayn Rand
A biography of Ayn Rand, fiction writer and philosopher.
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The paper outlines Rand's early years under the Communist regime in Russia and looks at how Rand established her prolific career as a screenplay and fiction writer. The paper discusses her ethical point of view of objectivism and explains how Nathaniel Branden, one of her students, promoted her objectivist approach to human life. The paper also discusses Rand's personal relationship with Branden.

Early Life and Experiences Under Oppressive Regimes
Major Philosophical Contributions

From the Paper:

"Ayn Rand was born Alisa Rosenbaum in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1905. A self-taught reader, she aspired to become a fiction writer at a very early age and always modeled herself after European writers like Victor Hugo rather than Russian writers (Rand, Branden, Greenspan, et al., 1986). Rand experienced two Revolutions in Russia while still in high school and her family moved to the Crimea to escape the violence associated with it. Ultimately, her family was left nearly destitute by the confiscation of her father's pharmacy by the Communists after the success of the 1917 Bolshevist Revolution. When she began reading about American history in her final year of high school, she was instantly taken by the benefits of a free society and began aspiring to emigrate to escape Communism in Russia (Rand, Branden, Greenspan, et al., 1986)."

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