Belize - Its History and People Term Paper

An overview of the Caribbean nation of Belize.
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This paper explores the rich cultural heritage of Belize, highlighting its history and people. First, the paper examines early civilization in Belize with a lengthy discussion on the Mayans. Then, the paper considers the Spanish conquest of the region and their destruction of Mayan culture. Additionally, it addresses the impact of British colonization on Belize. Finally, the paper addresses the reasons for Belize's independence, which was due to poor management of the country by the British. The paper concludes by noting that Belize has seen a great transition from the pre-colonial times, through colonization to contemporary times where it stands as an independent country.

From the Paper:

"The economy of the Mayans was diverse. It comprised of farmers, artisans, merchants, priests-astronomers, and warriors. The farmers grew various crops such as cocoa, Chile peppers, beans, corn, and cotton using labor-intensive irrigation and shift-to-virgin-land agriculture. Their crops were used to feed the other specialists such as the artisans who specialized in sculpture making. The merchants traded by land and by sea. They traded in various commodities produced by the farmers and others such as artisans. The priests also played the role of astronomers. They were very important people in their duty of predicting seasons. They had the knowledge to study the movement of the planets, sun, moon, and stars that enabled them predict seasons and come up with calendars. The artisans created sculptures using stones some of which had images of their gods and heroes. They also specialized in pottery, carving, and weaving. They made clothes from cotton before dying them with big bright patterns."

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