Beach Erosion Term Paper by Nicky

Beach Erosion
An overview of beach erosion and how it is affecting the beaches along the eastern seacoast in the US.
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The paper begins with the thesis statement relative to the topic to be discussed - the erosion of beaches on the eastern seacoast. The reader is first introduced to the environmental challenges of the modern society and is then explained the meaning of the concept, the causes, and the effects of beach erosion. In particular, the paper deals with beach erosion on the eastern seacoast and the actions that could be taken in order to resolve the problem (or at least limit its negative outcomes).

Paper Outline
Beach Erosion
Beach Erosion on the Eastern Seacoast
What Can Be Done?

From the Paper:

"Beach erosion is important as it affects various aspects of life. First of all, with the disappearance of beaches, the waves of the seas and oceans will move closer to the shore, coming in the end to break in the houses of the residents. It is even possible that entire regions of residential lines on the beaches be destroyed. Then, when these houses are destroyed by the waves (it happens every year and every year, people keep building new houses and further endangering beaches), they release vast amount of debris into the seas and oceans. This then leads to the death of maritime life, either as the animals eat the noxious substances, either they get caught in the various debris. When the waves come closer and break into the rocks, they also kill the animals living in this habitat, such as clams, mussels or barnacles. Also, turtles such as the Pacific Loggerhead turtle are likely to become extinct as their nesting beaches are eroded. Crabs and other small animals are also being killed as a result of beach erosion. Ultimately then, beach erosion destroys the health of the natural environment from numerous perspectives and it also generates problems for humanity."

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