Baroque Women and the Arts in Europe and Japan Term Paper by Jay Writtings LLC

Baroque Women and the Arts in Europe and Japan
An overview of the Baroque period, focusing on its music, art, and culture, and the growing presence of women in all these fields.
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This paper provides some of the distinguishing characteristics and significant events of the Baroque period, which lasted from 1600 to 1760, and describes its achievements in music, arts, and culture. The writer explains that this period is divided into Early, Middle and Late Baroque, and involved many changes that affect our society even to this day. Women were not allowed to act publicly in pre-Baroque Europe, but gradually made an appearance on stage from the early 17th century on. Although, as actresses, they were usually still treated as second-hand citizens, it is through the theater that some achieved fame and fortune, and often positions of political influence as well. A few women penetrated into areas formerly occupied only by men, and became playwrights, or theater managers, or composers. One of the greatest musical achievements of the Baroque period was the development of opera, and the writer compares this to Kabuki, which developed at around the same time in Japan.

From the Paper:

"The Baroque Period occurred during the time frame from 1600-1760. Historically, the Baroque Period is divided into three time periods. The Early Baroque Period occurred from 1600-1640. The beginning of this period occurred in the Renaissance Era. Women were not allowed to act on stage during this early time period. It was viewed as disgraceful at this time in history. It was under the Cromwell Puritan rule, with very strict societal and cultural rules in place. The Middle Baroque period was from 1640-1680. This is the time period when women first started performing on stage."

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