Barclays Human Resources Strategy Analysis Term Paper by Nicky

A look at how Barclays optimizes its employees.
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This paper examines how Barclays Financial Services uses human resources strategies to get the most out of its employees. First, the paper describes the careful recruitment process at Barclays, noting how it has changed very little over the decades. It also highlights that many staff members join Barclays when they are very young and stay with the organization long-term. Then, the paper discusses the impact of the global economic and financial crisis on Barclays' activity, especially on the staff rewarding system. Next, the paper addresses the human resources strategies used at Barclays, noting that they implement a combination of practices. The paper concludes by recommending that despite the cut-backs in the staff rewarding program at Barclays, employees must be made to feel they still matter to the company, even in such harsh times.


Barclays' staff recruitment, training, and motivation strategy
Integration of the Rewarding System
Human Resources Strategy Discussion
Appendix 1
Company background

From the Paper:

"In Barclays' case, before and during the personnel recruitment process the company aims at responding to the following issues: identifying the qualities and aptitudes and selecting the candidates that best correspond with the requirements of new or vacant positions; identifying and attracting competitive candidates using the most adequate methods, sources, or environments for staff recruitment; respecting legislation in the field and attempting to diminish and to eliminate any kind of discrimination.
"Some of the difficulties encountered by Barclays' HR professionals consists in identifying the real necessity for hiring someone to occupy a certain position within the company, in determining whether the vacant positions are really necessary or they are just designed to fill in some spaces in the organizational chart, and in determining whether the recruitment necessity is somewhat exaggerated."

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