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Attention and Perception
A review of the concepts of perception and attention and the relationship between them.
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Published on Apr 01, 2013 in Psychology (General)

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The paper defines the concept of perception and looks at how perception organizes experience. The paper distinguishes between perception and sensation and outlines the theories about the actual functioning of the perceptual organization process. The paper also defines attention and looks at focused attention, sustained attention, selective attention, alternating attention and divided attention. Finally, the paper looks at the relationship between perception and attention.

Definition of the Concept of Perception
The Perceptual Organizational Process
The Nature of the Attention Process
The Relationship between Perception and Attention

From the Paper:

"An understanding of how perception organizes experience requires that we firstly distinguish between perception and sensation. Sensation can be understood as "...the passive process of bringing information from the outside world into the body and to the brain "(Psychology Class Notes: Sensation and Perception). Perception on the other hand refers to the active process in which we select, organize and interpret the information that is provided visa the senses. In essence, perception organizes the raw data that is provided by the senses into meaningful patterns and concepts. For example, a tree is perceived first as raw data in terms of the senses of color and form, which is then interpreted and recognized according to the cultural, educational and psychological makeup of the individual.
"Perception involves a process whereby the sensory organs react to physical stimulus in the environment. These stimuli are then converted into neural impulses that are directed to the brain. This information is then organized by the brain and translated into a meaningful perception of the world and experience (Psychology Class Notes: Sensation and Perception).
"There are many theories about the actual functioning of this process and the ways in which this information is processed and interpreted. The passive theoretical perspective views perceptual organization as follows: "Surrounding>input (sense)>processing (brain)>output (reaction)" ( PERCEPTION: Similima Com). There is a sequential and linear process that the brain follows in organizing sensory data in this model."

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