Atmospheric Pollution and Global Climate Changes Term Paper by Jojoy

Atmospheric Pollution and Global Climate Changes
An examintion of the impact of atmospheric pollution on global climate changes and the need for transnational solutions.
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This paper discusses global climate conditions and the concerns of global warming. It examines the urgency and importance of the issue and the realization that there is a need to understand the geological implications and indications of atmospheric pollution and the contemporary challenges of developing transnational solutions for the problem. The paper contains an action table.

Table of Contents:
Understanding Atmospheric Pollution
Factors for Consideration
Mitigation Sustainability and Strategies
Proposed Mitigation Plan
Responsibility, Support and Development

From the Paper:

"The issue of the atmosphere is a social equalizer: everyone is vulnerable and responsible for it. It has been recognized as a major political and economic challenge with a social commitment to sustain mitigation of the issue. At the same time, there is a realization that many communities lack the capacity and the resources to develop effective mitigation plans for the issue. Therefore, there is need to emphasize that developing solutions to the problem can be developed and implemented successfully at grassroots level. Moreover, this would also allow a wider range of communities to become active in improving air quality research, social responsibility and response to the issue across social groups, cultures and other demographic characteristics. Therefore, mitigation plans should be founded in historic, scientific and socio-political issues in equal measure not only to effectively address the issue but to sustain its relevance for future implementation."

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