Aryan Nations - An Overview Term Paper by Nicky

Aryan Nations - An Overview
A look at the white supremacist group, Aryan Nations.
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Published on Jun 26, 2012 in African-American Studies (Racism) , Hot Topics (Terror and 9/11)

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this paper describes the ideology and methods of the violent white-supremest group known as Aryan Nations. First, the paper tells how the movement was founded, particularly the historical and economic circumstances of the time. Then, it focuses on the group's ideology and doctrine, noting its racist and anti-Semitic outlook. Next, the paper explores the terrorist elements of Aryan Nations, making a comparison to Al-Qaeda. Finally, the paper examines various organizational changes that have taken place throughout the groups existence, citing leadership conflicts and several lawsuits that the group lost. The paper concludes by stating that neo-Nazi sentiments are alive and well in the United States and abroad, citing recent incidents of hate crimes across the globe.

Aryan Nations as a Christian Terrorist Group
Changes and Conflicts within the Aryan Nations
Aryan Nations as a Terrorist Organization
Conclusion: Forecast for the Future

From the Paper:

"The Christian Identity Movement differs from its predecessor in several important ways. For one, the Christian Identity Movement fused with Christian Patriotism, antifederalism, and a strong belief in conspiracy theories such as the existence of the Illuminati (Hoffman 2006). Also, the Christian Identity Movement and the Christian Patriotism movement espouse the idea of "two seeds" that spawned humanity. One seed is godly (the blue-eyed Aryans) and the other satanic (all others, especially Jews and all people of color). Christian Patriotism holds other anti-authoritarian beliefs including the notion that paper money is "fraudulent," (Hoffman 2006, 110). Finally, the Christian Identity Movement differs from Anglo-Israelism most significantly in one key way. Anglo-Israelism "embraced an entirely pacifist doctrine" whereas the Christian Identity Movement does not and even condones violence.
The Christian Identity Movement and Christian Patriotism infused their values and beliefs with those of the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian and over the course of several decades those ideals have become well articulated. Violence is justifiable against Jews, blacks, and other members of the "Satanic races" (Al-Khattar 2003, Hoffman 2006). Moreover, violence is permissible against law enforcement officials who represent the oppressive Zionist regime..."

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