Artificial Intelligence and its Applications Term Paper by Nicky

Artificial Intelligence and its Applications
An overview of the concept of 'artificial intelligence' and its real-life applications.
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The paper outlines the background and inception of 'artificial intelligence' and explores its potential applications. The paper discusses how robots could perform the mundane processes that are repetitive in nature and that require little in the way of cognition. The paper explains how this would free up human intelligence to focus on more critical aspects of service provision in their specific field.

Conception of Non-Biological Intelligent Machine
Graphical Methods for Representing Conceptual Systems
Emotional Mechanism and Episodic Learning in a Cognitive Agent
Applications of AI
Reality of Robotic Programming- Real Life Applications and Use
Summary and Conclusion

From the Paper:

"The possibilities presented by today's robotic designs and applications are endless it is certain. For example in the health care field there is an incredible shortage of qualified professional nursing staff however, should a robot be successfully designed with the capacity of remembering details of conversations with patients and with the coordination and intelligence, although 'artificial intelligence' that allows for distributing medications and other various treatment regimens then the solution of the nursing crisis might well be just around the very next corner in the chronology of nursing and health care provision. The truth is that the mundane and simplistic tasks that robots could be programmed to perform would free up the human intelligence and enable a more effective and efficient process no matter what the field of study."

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