Artifacts Produced in CT Term Paper by professor71

Artifacts Produced in CT
This essay describes artifacts in computer tomography and the methods to reduce or remove these artifacts.
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This paper describes the different types of artifacts seen in CT scans and their origins and causes. The paper then examines and discusses preventative measures to reduce these artifacts. This paper also contains corresponding illustrations.

Table of Contents:
Type of Artifacts
1. Physics Based Artifacts
a. Beam Hardening
b. Partial Volume
c. Photon Starvation
d. Undersampling
2. Patient Based Artifacts
3. Scanner Based Artifacts
4. Helical and Multisection CT Artifacts
5. Artifacts Due to Other Causes
Methods to Resolve Artifacts

From the Paper:

"Metal artifacts can be avoided by asking the patient to remove any metals like jewelry before the start of scanning. For metals like prosthetic devices, surgical clips and dental fillings, which cannot be removed for the scanning, gantry angulation can be used. If the metal object cannot be excluded by any of the above technique, increasing the kilovoltage and the use of thin sections can reduce the partial volume artifact. The use of special software corrections can reduce streaking due to overranging (Barrett and Keat 2004.)
"Patient-based artifacts due to movement can be prevented by appropriate means. For most patients, the use of positioning aids can prevent any voluntary movement. However, in some patients, especially in the pediatric age-group, sedation may be required to immobilize them. In order to minimize artifacts in areas where natural movement is present, a short scan time can be used."

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