Arizona Immigration Laws Term Paper

A look at Arizona's immigration laws.
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This paper analyzes the controversial immigration law recently enacted in Arizona, which makes being in the US without a visa a crime. The paper takes a strong stand against illegal immigration, citing the problems it has caused in Arizona. It then describes the new law at length and presents both supporting and opposing viewpoints. These include the opinions of Senator John McCain, a strong supporter of the bill,and Homeland Security officials, who are against the legislation.

Recent Developments
Future Potential Consequences of the Law
The Debate

From the Paper:

"The new Arizona law on immigration, which starts operating on 29th July, directs the law enforcement officers to enquire about the immigration status of a suspected immigrant especially if the immigrant is suspected to be in the country illegally. The Arizona law, though not different from the federal has received a lot of opposition especially from human rights activists because it has some controversial clauses. One of the most controversial clauses, a complete departure from the federal version is the requirement that every illegal immigrant be apprehended and departed and this would lead to a complete overhaul of the system because this will mean that all the illegal immigrants will be treated as criminals. This law has been challenged by the justice department in the state which argues that the law is unfair to innocent immigrants who do not threaten the national security."

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