Are Cellphones Dangerous? Term Paper

Are Cellphones Dangerous?
An argumentative paper written on the use of cell phones.
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Published on Dec 11, 2011 in Computer and Technology (General) , Environmental Studies (General)

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This paper discusses how cellphones have formed an inseparable part of our lives with a quantum leap in recent years and their use is ubiquitous with an estimated 4.6 billion subscriptions globally. The paper also examines how our health, the environment and our behavior all suffer as a consequence of using cellphones. In particular the paper looks at the potential damage to our bodies and the environment from radiation and how they also have considerably altered the lifestyle of today's generation and how they have changed the way humans live and interact with each other, resulting in a shift of paradigm.

From the Paper:

"The method of communication used by cellphones is by transmitting radio waves through a network of antennas. Health advocates have been worrying since last century over the exposure of living things to high radio frequencies and their harm. Cellphone waves are non-ionizing in nature but have the tendency to be absorbed by cellular tissues in our body closest to the cellphone. Once absorbed they can lead to genetic damage, tumors and consequently malignant cancer. According to a study recently conducted by WHO (Reuters) it was found that there is a direct link between cancer and the usage of mobile phones and that cellphones should be given the term of "possible carcinogenic." Yet in our society there is just an upward trend observed in the usage of cellphones with operators involved in cutthroat marketing to achieve higher sales, and since the government makes a big chunk of their revenue by taxing these mobile phone operators they are not keen on highlighting the risk posed by a cellphone. "

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