Arab-Americans and Major Depressive Disorder Term Paper by E1981

A look at treating Muslim Arab-Americans with major depressive disorder.
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This paper describes special treatment considerations that should be made with Islamic Arab patients afflicted with major depressive disorder. First, the paper gives an overview of Islamic culture in the US, focusing on tradition and practices that can be seen as oppressive toward women. Additionally, the paper cites how the terror attacks of 9/11 have made Arab-Americans victims of prejudice. The paper gives an overview of major depressive disorder, exploring the symptoms and treatment options. Next, the outlook of Arab Americans toward mental illness is described and resistance that counselors may encounter with these patients. Treatment methods that may be helpful to this population are suggested, such as metaphor therapy. The paper concludes by urging social workers to develop an understanding of the beliefs and values that their clients hold dear in order to better help them.

What it Means to be Arab-Islamic?
Depression and Arab-Islamic People
Major Depressive Disorder Diagnosis
How Arab-Islamic People View Mental Illness
Treating Arab-Islamic Patients
Suggested Methods
Implications for Social Work

From the Paper:

"Women frequently are the ones who experience the bulk of the stressors within the family. In a study completed in 2006, there were 96 female suicides for every 4 male (Hassan, 2007). Men are raised to be superior to women, which sometimes results in abusive behavior. Forced marriages are also common among Arab families and are a common factor in the depression of young Arab women (Hassan, 2007). The women are also expected to be mother and teacher to their children, as well as to maintain the dignity of the family. Often, upon having children Arab women are forced to postpone their careers and life to raise the children."

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