Analysis of the Columbine Tragedy with Regard to Security Term Paper

This paper talks about the Columbine Tragedy and analyzes the security measures that were and were not taken.
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Published on Feb 19, 2012 in Psychology (Social) , Education (Social Issues) , Urban Studies (General)

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This paper examines the major points of security at Columbine High School before, during and after the shootings that occurred on April 20, 1997. According to the paper, there are several points that could have mitigated and perhaps prevented this shooting from taking place. Additionally, analysis of security in other schools is used to support this information, as well as to show what should have been done to prevent further school shootings and what can be done to prevent them in the future. In particular, the tragedy at Virginia Tech is used to show faults in school security and to show where improvements can and should be made. The paper concludes by noting that the Columbine shooting included many aspects of security that could have been present, that could have been improved on, and that could have prevented some deaths.

From the Paper:

"Before Columbine, no event such as this had ever occurred at a school, or at least none were ever publicized. Besides the Whitman Massacre in 1966, in which a man killed 14 people and injured 31 at the University of Texas (A&E, 2011), any school shooting that have taken place have been put aside and forgotten. With this in mind, it becomes understandable why security was so relaxed at high schools in the United States. The one major shooting before columbine was Charles Whitman, an older man who went to college, someone who knew a little more about the world, who knew how to get access to guns, and whose rampage might be understood by the wars being fought or the fact he was an ex-marine (A&E, 2011). But the two kids at Columbine were young, hadn't been around the world much, and at the time were probably thought of as just two of hundreds of thousands of high school students that did have the capability to think of something such as this, never mind actually perform something such as this. Security at high schools was almost non-existent..."

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