An Overview of Stem Cells Term Paper by Dante885

An Overview of Stem Cells
A look at stem cells and their potential uses.
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Published on Feb 08, 2015 in Anthropology (Cultural) , Biology (Bioethics) , Medical and Health (Pharmacy)

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"With time, it seems like the human body has developed different types of cells, most of which are specialised, which means that they can only fulfil one purpose, as parts of the body such as bones, blood, muscles and the skin are all made up of specialised cells, each serving different functions(Home - MED - Stem Cell Institute nd).
"However, from all the cells available in the body, there is only one kind that can be identified in its replication and that also isn't specialised like the others, also known as the stem cell(Home - MED - Stem Cell Institute n.d.).
"When equated to normal cells, stem cells are known to exhibit a couple of different features, including the indication that they can divide all by themselves, which is an ability also known as self-renewal. By replicating, they can produce a wide variety of different specialised cells, thus making them imperative to replacing the current cell count as they die due to aging or other purposes. Based on the studies that have been carried out so far, there are two main types of stem cells: Multipotent stem cells: These are usually seen in adults and have confined abilities, which means that they can only practice their regeneration skills by turning into specialised cells found in the organ of source (Home - MED - Stem Cell Institute n.d.). Pluripotent stem cells: These are basically the core foundation of the body, as they can replicate into specialised cells that can be found anywhere in the body regardless of their origin source, be it the brain, bones or skin (Home - MED - Stem Cell Institute n.d.)."

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