An African Contribution to World Civilization Term Paper

An African Contribution to World Civilization
A look at the contributions of the ancient Egyptian Kemet people to modern day society.
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Published on Oct 10, 2013 in Anthropology (Middle Eastern) , History (Middle Eastern)

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This paper provides a brief history of theories of the origin of human civilization and then discusses the issue and treatment of sexuality in ancient Kemet. The paper then looks at the contributions of ancient Kemet to world civilization that include the solar calendar, advances in alchemy and metallurgy and the formulation of dyes in the textile industry. The paper notes, however, that not all these contributions were embraced and applied by other cultures.

A Brief History of the Origin of Human Civilization
Lessons on Sexuality from Ancient Kemet
Kemetic Contributions to World Civilization that have been Accepted

From the Paper:

"Modern civilization has its roots in ancient Egypt. The Kemetic civilization developed the solar calendar. Having observed the appearance of the Dog Star, Sirius, and combined this with the annual flooding of River Nile, they formulated a year made up to 365 days. Each year had 12 months and each month was composed of 30 days. An extra 5 days were distributed across the twelve months. Initially, however, they used to employ a lunar calendar, which posed some difficulties because it was incompatible with the solar calendar. The Kemetic solar calendar did not include an extra quarter of a day. However, it was divided into three seasons, and each had four months that were each 30 days long (Crystalinks 1).
"Ancient Egyptians performed mathematical calculations that only involved addition. This was because the numerals they used could not allow them to carry out multiplication and division sums. Furthermore, their trade necessitated the use of fractions in their calculations. The first type of paper to be used in human civilization was made of dried papyrus. The pen used for writing on papyrus was a fine-tipped reed. Egyptians developed a system of writing known as hieratic writing. The numerals they used were also called hieratic numerals."

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