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A discussion on the American Federation of Labor organization in the United States.
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Published on Jan 08, 2013 in Labor Studies (General)

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The paper discusses the rise of labor organizations in the United States and focuses on the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and its method of labor organization. The paper discusses how as a result of the diplomatic stance and positive approach to labor negotiations of the AFL, labor groups are drawn towards it. The paper maintains that AFL's method of labor organization was one that set the standard for organization, and as a testimony to this, it has survived the times and grown with hundreds of labor organizations under its wings.

From the Paper:

'Throughout history, the story of the working men - or women, was one laden with abuse, neglect and more often outright servitude. There were even cases where workers were not even considered paid laborers but rather slaves under the mercy of master and the subservience was a never-ending one since the children and the children's children follow the same pattern as their forebears. Fortunately, things changed for the working class when the various social, economic and political upheavals occurred in different parts of the world. Of note was the growth of the various labor organizations especially during the Industrial Revolution. Indeed, there was the rise of the working class wanting a lion's share (hopefully!) of the bounty of the economic growth.
"In the United States, the rise of the labor organizations saw fruition in the 1800s and continues unabated. At the least these labor organizations demanded equal pay for equal work and some extended their demands to better working conditions and reasonable hours of work. Generally, labor organizations began with various industry and craftsman associations organizing into a collective force that bargain with management. Thereafter, there was the conglomeration of labor groups forming under an umbrella organization. But then these "super body" of labor groups do not always agree amongst themselves and when dissent ensued, some members would end up forming their own groups."

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