America's Trend of Imperialism Term Paper by Nicky

An overview of American imperialism until the present today.
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Published on Dec 26, 2010 in International Relations (U.S.) , History (Manifest Destiny Doctrine)

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The paper looks at how American imperialism began and how it included Westward expansion and manifest destiny. The paper discusses the United States' policy of expansionism during the late 1800s and how the Spanish-American war and interventions in the Pacific defined the imperialism of the late 19th century. The paper also explains why politicians and the public during the late 1800s accepted the trend of imperialism. Finally, the paper addresses the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that are cited by some as modern day imperialism.

From the Paper:

"Although the American Civil War paused imperialism, it certainly did not stop it. The policy of United States' expansionism was articulated during the late 1800s, and can best be understood through the understanding of Manifest Destiny (Buschini 2000). This term, often used to refer to the Westward expansion of pioneers, suggested that fate or divine order encouraged Americans to bring civilizations to the lands that they did not yet inhabit. Of course, many Native American tribes were displaced along the way. The American Civil War and the reconstruction era that followed slightly delayed manifest destiny, but shortly after these problems were contained, Americans began to look even further west. This time, they concentrated on Asia and the Pacific (Bushcini 2000). United States President Millard Fillmore, Teddy Roosevelt, important politicians, and military men such as Commodore Matthew Perry and Commodore Dewey favored expansionism, and began the new policy of manifest destiny through a visit to Japan, establishing diplomatic and economic relations with the country (Bushcini 2000)."

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