Alzheimer's, Diabetes and AIDS Term Paper by Nicky

Alzheimer's, Diabetes and AIDS
An overveiw of Alzheimer's, diabetes and AIDS as diseases of the nervous system, endocrine system and reproductive system.
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The paper looks at the treatments and cures for Alzheimer's disease and relates that this disease will eventually take the life of the patient, but current treatment aims to slow the progression of the disease. The paper then focuses on Type I and Type II diabetes and and how this condition is controlled and treated. Finally, the paper discusses AIDS and what has been done to slow the tide of this epidemic.

Alzheimer's Disease
Diabetes Mellitus

From the Paper:

"Alzheimer's disease has become a concern that is now more widely studied than it used to be. Typically seen in the elderly population, Alzheimer's disease is characterized by several factors, including forgetfulness and agitation (National, 2008). Currently, there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease, and it gets progressively worse as the patient continues to age (National, 2008). Doctors and researchers are working on various ways that they can slow the progression of the disease and also ease the symptoms. Right now there are some promising medications that are being experimented with (Medina, 1999; Mace & Rabins, 2006). This is, naturally, very encouraging, but these medications also have some side effects, and many of them do not work well unless they are used in the very early stages, almost as a preventative measure rather than a type of maintenance or 'cure' (Dash & Villemarette-Pittman, 2005)."

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