Alternatives to Embryotic Stem Cell Research Term Paper

Alternatives to Embryotic Stem Cell Research
Explores non-embryonic stem cell research as an alternative to the more controversial path of embryonic stem cell research.
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Published on Feb 05, 2014 in Hot Topics (Stem Cell Research)

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This paper beings by pointing out that embryotic stem cell research is highly controversial for moral, ethical and religious reasons. The paper then explains that, in an effort to overcome the arguments surrounding embryotic cell use, many scientists place their focus on the less controversial stem cell processes, such as using the cells from umbilical cords and adult stem cells. This is then followed by an in-depth discussion of these less controversial processes and their viability. The paper concludes that non-embryonic stem cell research offers many positive pathways and eliminates countless ethical problems associated with embryonic stem cell research.

From the Paper:

"Controversy over stem cell research focuses largely on the consequences of destroying living embryos during embryonic stem cell research. Opponents of embryonic stem cell research believe using adult stem cells for scientific research provides a much better resource for medical advances. Adult stem cells are not considered as advantageous as embryotic stem cells due to the fact of their ability or lack there of to become whatever type of cell is needed, however research continues to explore and expand the possibilities for their possible use.

"Stem cells, found in all multicellular organisms, are often referred to as the building blocks of life (Goldstein and Schneider 12). Since the early 1960s scientists have researched the possibility of curing illnesses such as Parkinson's disease and cancer through the use of stem cells. Embryotic stem cells (EBS) are pluripotent, meaning they have the ability to form a variety of cell types, which in the past made them more appealing to scientists. The core controversy surrounding the use of embryotic stem cells centers on the fact the procedure to claim the cells results in destruction of a fertilized human embryo. Concerns about the use of fetal embryos involve more than just moral and religious issues. "

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