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Alternative Fuels
This paper explores global warming and the chemical benefits of alternative fuels.
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The paper discusses the "greenhouse effect" and the 1987 Montreal Protocol. The paper discusses the controversies surrounding global warming but relates that whether global warming is absolute fact or not, numerous scientific studies contend that greenhouse gases are emitted by virtually all economic sectors and the potential for global warming does exist. The paper lists the chemical benefits alternative fuels have on the atmosphere and global warming. The paper points out that the direct effects of alternative fuels on the atmosphere and global warming are difficult to forecast and impossible to measure. The paper includes images, tables and copies of appended sources.

The Greenhouse Effect
Atmospheric Concerns
Direct Effects

From the Paper:

"Contrary to global warming theory, a study published in the Annals of Glaciology challenges global warming and contends that facts confirm the global warming concept to be inconsistent with trends of the Antarctic ice. This study reports that NASA satellite observations determined the Antarctic has not melted, and instead has increased during the last 20 years the. Claire Parkinson, a NASA climatologist who ". . . analyzed the role of sea ice in the global-climate system since 1979 . . . measured the duration of Antarctic ice seasons . . . and found nearly twice as much land that had seasons increasing by one day per year between 1979 and 1999 than areas where the opposite occurred." (George) Numerous other scientific studies reportedly support the recent NASA observations."

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