Alcohol in Early America and the British Empire Term Paper by writingsensation

Alcohol in Early America and the British Empire
Examines how alcoholic beverages in early America impacted the relationship with the British Empire.
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The alcoholic beverages that eventually played such a pivotal role in the politics of the American Revolution and the original colonies' relationship with the British Empire in the 17th and 18th centuries had a tradition that began long before the first settlers traveled to North America. This paper showed that the tradition continued in colonial America as people used alcoholic beverages and public drinking as an extension of their culture, a forum for ideas, a method of communication, a source of news/current events, and a way to interact with strangers in a time when travel was slow and dangerous. In order to fully understand this unique relationship between alcohol and early America, this paper presents a look into England's past.

Paper Outline:
The Origins of Alcoholic Beverages in England
Britain's "Spiritual" Tradition
Alcohol Arrives in Colonial America
The Colonial Tavern as Political Forum
Beer on the Battlefield?
Our Founding Father and Alcohol
Other Aspects of Alcohol in the New Nation
Final Thoughts on Alcohol in Early America
Works Cited

From the Paper:

"The jovial atmosphere, often accentuated by entertainment of various types and fueled by rivers of beer, loosened tongues and encouraged free speech. Far from being restricted, free speech in local taverns, as well as the operation of the taverns themselves, were encouraged by local governments and the English crown, but more for the reason that the contentment, or lack of it, among the English subjects could be monitored(Smith). In spite of this supervision, or perhaps in part because of it, people began discussing the possibility of breaking away from English rule."

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