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Agile Manifesto
A review of the Agile Manifesto and of Martin Fowler's contribution to object-oriented technology.
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This paper discusses the Agile Manifesto, a conceptual framework for software development. The paper focuses primarily on Martin Fowler, one of the pioneers of the Agile Manifesto and one of the gurus of design patterns. The paper discusses how Fowler is able to emphasize the importance of this methodology in writing software.

From the Paper:

"Although Fowler strives to achieve simplicity in his software design and development, other critics view the simplistic approach "as not realistic (Fowler, 2006)" and then on the other hand, a rebuttal can be made by stating, "but if you make it too complex then people have to understand a bunch of stuff that's nothing to do with the pattern in order to understand the pattern. (Fowler, 2006)" Still, Fowlers style promotes an easier understanding of any system and renders the output as usable, reusable and understandable not only to other developers by the lay users as well. Like a well written English literature, Fowler divides his pattern work into the Alexandrian form wherein (Fowler, 2006)"

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