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African-American Males
This paper discusses the correlation between affective disorders, substance abuse and the criminal justice system for African-American males.
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This paper uses the four models of Kimmel and Messner as a framework for studying the masculine development of African-American males are developmental pathways, social development, social ecological and contextualism models. The author points out that the problems of living in poverty, the extremely pressured yet loosely and poorly defined role of the African-American male and the severe lacking of a positive role model result in many misdirected and misguided youths using substance abuse, developing affective psychological disorders and becoming involved in crime. The paper stresses that societal forms of direction for positive role modeling do not exist in qualitative or quantitative forms to any great extent, which leaves the African-American male floundering as to what they should or could represent.

Table of Contents
Statement of Thesis
Background to the Problem
Models of Kimmel & Messner
Poverty: A Factor that Cannot Be Ignored
Treatment Options
Summary & Conclusion

From the Paper:

"The meaning of masculinity and associated norms of gender roles are stated to be the basis of "social constructionism" (Kimmel & Messner, 1989, 1992) Men tend to internalize their conceptions of what forms their masculinity from the culture they live in. 'Socialization' encourages men to attempt to live up to those standards that have been set within the culture. African-American men are "subject to a very different set of influences" socially than their white peers and therefore have a different masculinity as well as their social influences being quite different than those of white men."

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