African-American Healthcare Needs Term Paper by Nicky

African-American Healthcare Needs
A discussion on the healthcare concerns of the African-American community and how to address them.
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The paper discusses how the African-American community currently faces a number of serious illnesses and medical conditions based on lifestyle, genetics and a lack of access to high-quality healthcare assistance. The paper identifies these health concerns and provides a plan to resolve them, with the goal of increasing the life span and quality of living for all African-Americans.


African-American Mortality Rates
Leading Causes of Mortality
Leading Causes of Morbidity
Plan of Improvement

From the Paper:

"First of all, the mortality rates of African-Americans, as compared to other racial/ethnic groups, are much higher, especially in the elderly. This is due in part to several reasons--first, they lack adequate educational and personal resources related to being aware of exactly what type of illnesses they are suffering from, and second, they lack the ability to access adequate health care professionals and facilities, especially in rural settings. This problem of mortality, i.e., dying at a younger age, is nothing new, for many studies over the past ten years or so have conclusively shown that the life expectancies of African-Americans are much shorter than other ethnic/racial groups, such as Caucasians and Hispanics. For example, in 1997, black females had a life expectancy of about 75 years, while black males was around 68 years; however, beyond the age
of 85, life expectancy rises, being about 7 extra years for females and 6 extra years for males ("Health and Health Care," 2009, Internet).
"Not surprisingly, the leading causes of death in African-Americans over the age of 65 are similar to those of other ethnic/racial groups. In order of occurrence, these causes are heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, pneumonia and influenza. The first three causes are also linked to mortality after the age of 65 in whites, Asians and Hispanics; however, diabetes appears to be most prevalent in African-Americans regardless of age, due to a tendency to have poorer diets and to be obese (Spector, 2008, p. 176)."

Sample of Sources Used:

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