African American Expectations and Unemployment Term Paper by Master Researcher

African American Expectations and Unemployment
Discusses the unemployment situation and social expectations of African Americans after 1964.
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This paper explores the state of African-American expectations of social equality and economic standing. The paper examines the roots of the disparity found between blacks and whites in the United States and describes how the black underclass were left in the inner cities and "urban" areas, struggling and underemployed. The paper addresses the lack of opportunities in education, the low pay and the escape of whites from neighborhoods they joined. The paper notes that most have lost hope of ever achieving wealth and power through the lifetime of employment opportunities and promotions that whites experience.

From the Paper:

"In most cases blacks began to create their own inner-circles. They formed their own networks and coping systems in order to in a sense, raise themselves upward to an equal standing. In many cases, African Americans began to feel that they will never become equal to their white counterparts. They began to feel that the chasm between them and whites was bound to spread. Many felt hopelessness and a need to make due with what they had instead of wishing for a better life. With it nearly impossible to find a job that could raise them above the poverty level, African Americans felt trapped in a vicious cycle. Lack of opportunities in education made it almost impossible for them to advance to higher paying jobs held by whites. And even when they did successfully gain these positions, they were paid less than white counterparts."

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