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African-American Culture and Social Theory
A look at psychological theories as they apply to African-American culture.
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Published on Nov 11, 2012 in African-American Studies (General) , Sociology (Multiculturalism)

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This paper examines the social heterogeneity among African Americans, particularly concerning health practices or risk factors. According to the paper, while African-Americans have numerous commonalities, especially in terms of political opinions and interests, geographic concentrations, and some cultural patterns, it is crucial that public health professionals recognize within-group differences. First, the paper gives a brief history of social descriptions applied to African Americans. Then the paper notes various health risks associate with this community, however warns that this is still a racial category with subdivisions. Next,the paper describes some social characteristics of African-American culture as a whole, highlighting family structure. The paper also explores contemporary forces that shape the dynamic of the modern African American family. Finally, the paper presents various statistics about aspects of life for African-Americans, such as income, marriage rates, etc. The paper concludes by stating that African Americans can be characterized by a diversity of experiences around a common core of cultural belief and origin.

From the Paper:

"The African American culture is so varied in so many ways that it is often difficult to define it. Every person has their own unique and special qualities and experiences. A lot of who African Americans are comes from the historical events of slavery and racism in American society. There was a time when all they had was their family. This included the community as a whole and the church. This forced them to develop their own values and traditions which may be different from those of mainstream society (What is the definition of African American, n.d.).
"African Americans, also known as Black Americans, generally have family characteristics that include: strong kinship bonds, strong work orientation, adaptable family roles, high achievement orientation and strong religious orientation. Family and spirituality tend to be very important to African Americans. They often have a collective family structure. Their religions choice tends to be Christianity, but there is a growth of African American Muslims. African Americans tend to be to some extent bicultural within American society. This occurs because many African Americans are forced to adapt and assimilate to mainstream society due to strides in higher education and social economic status..."

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