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African-American Colleges
A comparison of the differences in academic achievement between African-Americans and White Americans at college.
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This paper discusses academic achievement and gender issues at historically African-American colleges. Specifically, the paper addresses the issue of the educational gap between African-Americans and White Americans and due to this, the differences in job opportunities between the groups. The paper concludes by suggesting reasons for the lower academic achievement at African-American colleges and suggests ways to counteract the problem.

From the Paper:

"In recent decades, despite the Civil Rights Movement and integration, the prospects of many African-American men have noticeably worsened. As a group, African-American males have been described with "terms such as crisis, at-risk, marginal, and endangered." The frequency with which members of this group drop out of school, land in low-paying, dead end jobs, end up on drugs, or in prison, has alarmed all the experts - educators, social workers, physicians, criminologists, and politicians. On average, African-American males earn seventy-three percent of what White males make. They are considered less desirable as employees. Those with college degrees typically earn less than Whites with only a high school diploma. The life expectancy of Black men has actually declined - the only group in America to have done so. African-American males from the age of fifteen to the age of twenty-four are eight times more likely to be murdered than White men of the same age! Black males are more likely to die infancy, and to suffer serious health problems like high blood pressure, AIDS, and diabetes in later life."

Sample of Sources Used:

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