Advantages of e-Commerce Term Paper by Devann Murphy

A look at the advantages of e-Commerce.
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This paper examines the many benefits and advantages of the e-Commerce business model, particularly as it relates to Internet marketing and web development. Additionally, it compares online business model against a brick-and-mortar business model. Each of these factors are applied to the marketing of the Amazon Kindle. The paper highlights the four infrastructures of e-commerce which include technology, capital, media, and public policy. According to the paper, failure to consider each may disrupt the process, thus creating an opportunity for the loss of profits. The paper concludes by stating that Internet marketing provides a variety of opportunities and advantages.


Advantages of the Internet in Marketing
Web Development
Online versus Brick-and-Mortar Business Models

From the Paper:

"The development of a website is an important part of Internet marketing, Several components must be considered when developing a website, including placement, merchandise and audience size, presentation, and payment. Additionally, security, fulfillment, and the four infrastructures of business must be considered.
"Placement of a website is a crucial component of Internet marketing. To be successful, the website must be visible. This may include linking to larger websites such as Yahoo Shopping (Rayport & Jaworski, 2004). Furthermore, it is important that the domain name of the website is easily identifiable. The Kindle has succeeded in placement in that it is directly linked Amazon, which a leader in the online sales industry.
"Audience size is virtually unlimited in that literally billions of customers use the Internet. However, it is necessary to capture the attention of the customers. Furthermore, it is necessary to have the capabilities to accommodate the number of customers. Therefore, it is important that the bandwith, processing power, and data storage capacity (Rayport & Jaworski, 2004). Amazon has successfully mitigated these issues and rarely experiences outages, lost orders, or slowdowns (Eisele-Dyrli, 2010). Lastly, retailers must be able to fulfill orders quickly and accurately."

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