ADHD and Childhood Term Paper

ADHD and Childhood
A description and explanation of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
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Published on Feb 15, 2011 in Education (Education Psychology) , Psychology (Child and Adolescent)

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This paper details the influences that affect a child's life, explaining how middle childhood and adolescence can be a particularly difficult time of development. In particular, the paper outlines the immediate influences when dealing with developmental issues and explains that attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a commonly diagnosed issue during middle childhood, listing some of the features of this complaint. The paper also explains various treatments that can help a child overcome his/her difficulties.

From the Paper:

''Middle childhood and adolescence can be very difficult times of development for children. There are many influences that contribute to their growth. For example, family, school, a child's neighborhood and community are all factors that impact development. According to Bronfenbrenner, the different levels of a child's environment all have an effect on development (Paquette, 2001). Areas of the child's life within the immediate surroundings are known as the microsystem, in accordance with Bronfenbrenner. Included in the microsystem are family, school, daycare, and such influences that impact the child directly. Intertwined with the microsystem is the mesosystem. This includes all the influences that are linked with the microsystem influences, such as parent-teacher relationships. These influences are especially important during middle childhood as the child discovers and learns about himself. Next, is the exosystem, which includes systems that are not directly linked to the child, such as a parent work schedule. Even though the child is not directly involved with it, he or she may still feel the positive or negative side effects. Lastly, the macrosystem includes culture, such as values and laws.''

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