Abortion Rights - For and Against Term Paper by Nicky

Abortion Rights - For and Against
Presents arguments for and against the right to abortion.
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Published on Jul 26, 2010 in Hot Topics (Abortion)

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This paper presents arguments for and against abortion rights. The paper's argument against abortion focuses on the laws that recognize fetal personhood by enhancing the penalty for murdering a pregnant woman, and proposes that, in a civilized society, there is no excuse for failing to protect the lives of those who cannot protect themselves. The paper's argument in favor of abortion rights explains that enforcing laws based on religious beliefs violates the First Amendment of the Constitution, and also states that only medical and scientific authorities are capable of determining what human life actually is, and when it "begins."

The Argument Against Abortion Rights
The Argument in Favor of Abortion Rights

From the Paper:

"That is why it is absolutely irrelevant when religious doctrine suggests human life begins as well. Only medical and scientific authorities are capable of determining what human life actually is, according to objective criteria, let alone when it "begins." Clearly, by any objective measure, human life does begin at some point long before delivery; however, it is equally clear that a just-fertilized ovum and a zygote consisting of nothing more than a few dozen completely undifferentiated human tissue cells are not a person, by any stretch of the imagination (Sagan, 1997; Sagan & Druyen, 1998)."

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