A Struggle for Gender Equality Term Paper

A Struggle for Gender Equality
The paper examines the fight for women's equality in the United States over the past 150 years and the advances that have been made.
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The paper takes a historical look at women's struggle for equality in the workplace and in business over the past 150 years. The paper begins by outlining the position and status of women at the end of the 19th century and the start of the 20th century. The paper then continues to examine the developments that gave women greater equality and rights. From the "New Woman" of the 1880's and up until 2010 when there are 90 women holding seats in Congress with 17 of those being Senators and in 2008, a woman ran for the Democratic party's presidential candidate, and a second woman ran as the running mate to the Republican candidate. The paper concludes by saying that whilst the struggle for gender equality in the workplace has made great advances, there is still much to do.

From the Paper:

"In today's American society it is not uncommon for women to hold professional and upper-management positions. We have women in congress, serving as CEO's for large corporations, and thousands of female executives. Fifty years ago, these women would not have had the opportunity to hold these positions which were at one time considered to be positions for men. Women fought for workplace equality throughout the entire twentieth century. In the last decade, women have had the privilege to experience the equality that feminists dreamed of. America has seen women go from low paying factory work all the way to United States Senator. The several wars the United States fought in helped women realize they were not only willing to do the same work as men, but also capable. Throughout American history, women fought long and hard to gain equality in a workforce where they have been underpaid and under-appreciated."

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