A Report on Financial Planning Term Paper

A Report on Financial Planning
A financial position analysis and action plan.
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Published on Oct 04, 2013 in Business (Finance, Investment and Banking)

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This report offers an analysis of an individual's current situation, identifies his objectives with regard to the future and develops a plan for implementation using the available resources within his reach. The paper analyzes his current financial position including an analysis of his assets and liabilities, income and expenditure and investments, and offers recommendations to achieve the identified goals and objectives. The paper also includes a summary of the action plan is provided in the summary section of this report.


From the Paper:

"Assets refer to the resources of value owned by an individual and confer certain economic benefits either in the present or in the future. They simply represent bundles of future economic benefits that will be enjoyed by the owner. They include the economic benefits owed to you by other people. On the other hand liabilities are claims to the assets held. They are future economic benefits that you owe to other people either as individuals or institutions.
"The assets you own currently as per the information you provided include cash deposits in the bank accounts worth L53,600, investment in gilts and bonds valued at L3,692 with a return of 6% in the form of interest paid semi-annually. The other asset is the investment trust held in an OEIC managed by the Fidelity China Special Situations Investment Trust. The investment is valued at L1,399.30. In addition, you have invested in shares that also form part of the assets you own. The investment in the shares of utility companies includes Drax and Severn Trent. The 250 shares purchased from Drax and the 150 Severn Trent shares are valued at L1,496.25 and L2,697.99 respectively. The insurance policy you have taken is not part of the assets at your disposal for use in achieving your goals and objectives."

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