"A Matter of Fear" by Andrew Graham-Yooll Term Paper by Nicky

"A Matter of Fear" by Andrew Graham-Yooll
A review of "A Matter of Fear" that addresses the violence in Argentina following the overthrow of the Peron government.
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Published on Jun 26, 2012 in Latin-American Studies (General) , History (General) , Literature (General)

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The paper discusses how according to Andrew Graham-Yooll, the perpetrators of the violence in the 1970s in Argentina were thugs, assassins, guerrillas, the government, local police and military organizations. The paper focuses on Graham-Yooll's discussion on how the Juan Peron government was rife with corruption and used violent means to keep power in the hands of the guerrillas and put a stop to the free press. Finally, the paper looks at Graham-Yooll's review of the societal effects of the violence.

From the Paper:

"In fact Mrs Peron's secretary used "his own ministry as headquarters for a private army into which retired and active police officers were recruited" for kidnapping (fundraising) purposes (p. 62). If kidnapping can be considered a "violent" act, which it certainly should be considered since most if not all kidnapped people are hauled away at gunpoint, then it can be said that many groups within the whole nation of Argentina were among the perpetrators. Businessmen, trade union leaders, police units, the federal government and senior army officers - all of these groups and more got into the kidnapping scene (pp. 62-63). Why was all this criminal behavior occurring in Argentina? Why did "whole lifetimes" become "smothered dreams" destroyed by "murderous nightmares and evil characters"? Why were random victims - whose political and social views were at odds with the marauding raiders or the government - "clubbed into unconsciousness...thrown by the roadside, their bodies shaken by dozens of bullets from several guns...their bodies...destroyed by hand grenades"? (p. 64).
There is no one answer to those questions. In the first place, the breakdown of law and order usually spawns criminal behavior. And when there is a seemingly lawless national political administration, the anarchy easily trickles down to the street and balloons into a major era of bloodshed, recriminations, and yes, kidnappings for money. "Civil conflict grew out of political enmity," Graham-Yooll offered (p. 79), probably as succinct an explanation for the fear, loathing, and bloodletting as there is in his book."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Graham-Yooll, Andrew. A Matter of Fear: Portrait of an Argentinean Exile. Westport, CT: 1981.

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