A Christian Perspective on the Morality of Homosexual Unions Term Paper by Julian

A look at the Christian view on homosexuality.
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This paper examines the traditional Christian viewpoint on homosexuality, which considers it as a sin based on textual evidence from the Bible. This includes the current Christian opposition to the expansion of homosexual rights, including gay marriage. First, the paper describes the Christian interpretation of the concept of sin. Then, the paper uses the story of Lot in Sodom to exemplify Biblical condemnation of homosexuality as well as other stories from the Old Testament. Additionally, New Testament stories are also used to demonstrate the injunction against homosexuality. Next, the paper highlights recent statements by various denominations of Christianity against homosexual marriage. Finally, it cites instances in which openly homosexual Church leaders have been accepted, as has gay marriage. The paper concludes by opposing acceptance of homosexuality and gay marriage in a Christian context.

From the Paper:

"Personally, I disagree with the view expounded above. The argument of inhospitality is overstretched to conceal the sexual dimension of violence and sin of the Sodomites and Gomorrans. First of all, the sin of Sodom was clearly sexual: on one hand we have the use of the verb "to know", which in any case does not indicate a lack of hospitality, but rather a sexual interest, and on the other hand Lot's proposition to give his virgin daughters in exchange for the foreign visitors, which is a clear indication, again, that the interest of the inhabitants was sexual. Secondly, the fact that the "men" gathered in front of the house of Lot could include women is plausible, but cannot be understood to exclude males, especially since the text mentions "the men of the city, the men of Sodom, both young and old, all the people to the last man" (Genesis 19:4). Even the fact that Lot offered his daughters in exchange plays in every way for an accusation of homosexuality (if there had been women outside, it would have been in any case gay sex between them and Lot's daughters). The statement that the entire city was present..."

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