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What is Tourism?

When individuals or groups travel, whether for reasons of leisure, recreation or business, this is known as tourism.  It is generally understood that anybody who travels away from his or her usual place of residence for under a year for any of those reasons can be defined as a tourist.  Tourism can be affected by many factors.  An attractive destination will obviously see more tourists than destinations which have nothing to offer.  The weather plays an important part in tourism, with more people traveling to a place when the weather is suitable for whichever activities they are seeking (for example, warm weather for sun-seekers or cold weather for skiers).  Bad weather, natural disasters, crime, the outbreak of epidemics and a poor economy can all affect tourism in a negative way.

What Areas Does Tourism Incorporate?

Tourism supports a wide range of services and products which are many times interlinked. For example, successful tourism requires the services of good transportation methods (airlines, cruise ships, trains, cab drivers, etc.), hospitality services (hotels, resorts, hostels, restaurants, catering services, etc.), and entertainment (amusement parks, shows, casinos, malls, etc.).

Specific Areas of Tourism

Over the years, very specific types of tourism have arisen besides the tried and tested resort tourism, India tourism or seeing-Europe-through-a-bus-tour type trip.  Today, many people take on things such as eco-tourism where they travel to pristine areas of the world with the objective to conserve and protect, medical tourism where they travel to take advantage of low prices or certain medical procedures not found in their place of residence, or educational tourism where they travel to immerse themselves in a culture or language for study purposes.

The Study of Tourism and Travel

Many institutes of higher learning offer degrees pertaining to tourism.  One popular major is Tourism and Travel Service Management.  This essentially prepares the student to manage any business or enterprise relating to travel or tour services.  Through this major, students receive instruction in the management of a travel agency, tour planning and arranging, events planning, tourism marketing and promotional strategies, travel industry law and tourism policy.

A Career in Tourism

Majoring in tourism provides students for the opportunity to join the exciting world of tourists and travel.  The degree prepares them to manage businesses related to tourism, such as travel agencies, restaurants, guide services or conference planners.  Many tourism majors go on to become tour guides, resort workers, airline workers, travel promoters or policy makers in the tourism industry. Tourism is an ever-growing industry, with more and more people traveling for many different reasons each year.  As such, anyone coming out a place of higher learning with a major in tourism and travel will have the possibility to put their skills to good use practically anywhere in the world.

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