Sport term papers

What is Sport?

The Oxford dictionary defines sports as "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment."   Sport can be a casual or organized activity, with the aim being to maintain and improve physical fitness for participants, and oftentimes to provide entertainment for spectators. While there are many different types of sports, the general consensus is that for something to be defined as a sport, it should have an element of competition, should not be harmful to any living creature and should not rely on any elements of luck or chance.  Sports falls into a number of categories in terms of what is primarily used to succeed. For example, primarily physical sports would incorporate running or boxing, while primarily motorized sports would be Formula 1 racing.

Sports as a Major

Many students who excel in sports during their high school years will want to pursue a career in this subject.  Having said that, not everybody who studies for a degree in sports science is necessarily a good sportsperson, and suffice that your interest extends to a passion for watching BBC Sport!  A sports studies major will usually focus on the psychological, sociological and historical aspects of sports and physical exercise. Courses may include the theory of sport, sport psychology, sport in particular societies, gender and ethnic issues in sport and sports history.

What does a Sports Science Degree Equip You For?

A major in sports science will provide the student with an excellent  knowledge of the sports and exercise industry, giving helpful insight into related fields such as nutrition, psychology, management and finance.  Demand continues to grow for sports scientists and consultants, especially as competition in professional sports becomes tougher and big sporting events such as the World Cup and the Olympics continue to attract millions of participants and spectators.

What Career Choices do you Have?

Most students with a degree in sports go on to work directly in the field, including sports coaching, sports development, personal training or managing centers of fitness and leisure.  Other career options include sports administrators who are involved in the funding and organizing of activities, events organizers, sports psychologists and health promotion specialists.  A major in sports could also be the stepping stone to other careers such as teaching.


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