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What is Public Administration?

Public administration is the way a government policy is implemented, and can also refer to the academic discipline which teaches people how to become civil servants to administer this policy.  Some may argue that public administration is not an academic discipline per se, and is actually a sub-field of administrative science or political science.  Public administration is an extremely diverse field but generally incorporates six main sub-fields, namely organizational theory, human resources, statistics, policy analysis, ethics and budgeting.

History of Public Administration

The modern field of public administration in Europe draws heavily on ideas which were introduced by Classical, Medieval and Enlightenment thinkers through the years - from antiquity until the 19th Century.  The science of public administration is generally believed to have been founded by the German professor Lorenz von Stein, who went beyond the boundaries of traditional public administration concepts and incorporated ideas from fields such as sociology, public finance, political science and more to form a new discipline relevant to Europe. 

In the United States, President Woodrow Wilson is considered the father of modern public administration - ideas which he formatted even before he became the nation's leader. By the 1920's, textbooks on the subject had been introduced, with ideas evolving over the years to this very day.

Who Should Study for a Public Administration Major?

Those who wish to pursue a career in a public office or government office should take up a major in public administration.  Skills required include the ability to analyze, organize and communicate, as well as the possession of good computer skills.  Individuals who find purpose and satisfaction in serving the public or the community would make good public administration students.

What Does a Public Administration Major Entail?

The objective of a public administration course is to prepare graduates for work in executive sectors of local and federal governments. Courses vary from school to school and could include basic studies or a public administration masters, but most incorporate the systematic study of executive organization and varying degrees of management.  A typical public administration major could include the development and principles of this academic field, the management of public policy, budgetary processes, financial management, professional ethics, personnel management, public law and more.

Job Opportunities with a Public Administration Degree

A major in public administration could prepare students for a large number of job opportunities, depending on their areas of expertise and interests.  These include government jobs at every level, social work for government agencies, city planners and executive assistants.  Students could get jobs with particular associations, from groups with a particular religious affiliation to trade unions and interest groups.

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