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What is Psychology?

Psychology is a multifaceted discipline which focuses on the scientific study of mind and behavior. Psychology incorporates many sub-fields, including social behavior and cognitive processes.  As a science, the aim of psychology is to investigate the causes of human behavior through the use of systematic and objective procedures for observation, measurement and analysis.  These procedures receive backing through theories, generalizations and predictions.  Psychology also includes motivation and emotion, learning and memory, child development, intelligence, mental illness, language and many more.

The History of Psychology

Psychology as a scientific discipline only really evolved in the past 150 years or so, which is not to say that concepts which influence human behavior have not been discussed for thousands of years.  In Ancient Greece, for example, the study of human behavior was done from a philosophical perspective by great thinkers such as Socrates, who later influenced Plato and Aristotle with his own opinions.

The Evolution of Modern Psychology

In the past 150 years or so, modern ideas of psychology evolved, specifically from two dominant camps. The 19th Century American psychologist William James developed theories of functionalism which essentially says that since our mind is constantly evolving, there is no point in focusing on life experience.  The second great figure to affect modern psychology was Wilhelm Wundt, who opened the first lab dedicated solely to psychology in the late 1870s.

Who Studies Psychology?

Someone who is considering a psychology major is naturally inquisitive about the workings of the human mind and about human patterns of behavior.  Psychology, however, is a multidisciplinary science and as such has many, many sub-fields which should allow practically anyone to find their niche.

What is a Psychology Major?

A major in psychology incorporates the scientific study of individual and collective behavior, and the behavior and treatment of behavioral problems and disorders.  The course will include the teaching of a number of sub-fields, as well as research methods and assessment methods.

Courses Included in a Psychology Major

A psychology major could include, but is not restricted to, the following subjects: creativity, psychological research methods, abnormal psychology, life span human development, language, mind and brain, personality, social psychology, counseling skills and social psychology.

Career Opportunities for Psychology Majors

Job opportunities for those who study for a psychological major include clinical, counseling and school psychologists, industrial or organizational psychologists, managers, psychological teachers and more. Others include behavioral specialists, developmental psychologists, ethnologists, group testers and health psychologists.

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